Sandra Hultsved


Sandra Hultsved is an artist born 1989 in the deep forests of Sweden. She started to create art to escape the dark reality – a world in decay and of loneliness. Like a form of therapy, the artworks convey thoughts and subconscious feelings that she could not express in any other way. After years of battling with her own thoughts and depression, she captures the tragedy and melancholy in a beautiful way.

Sandra is self-taught mainly using graphite pencils, ink and oils. Her style can be described as imaginative-realism. With influences from both the old master’s classical techniques, modern dark artists, as well as her own imagination and experimentation with mediums. Nature – particularly the forests of Värmland, where she lives, is a huge source of inspiration. The forest is her safe haven to which she can flee to endure a little bit longer. The same goes for her art.


Under the Shop menu you will find my online shop, where you can buy art prints and original artworks. You can also order directly from me by emailing your order.

In my Society6 shop you can find most of my artworks that will print on demand, or other merchandise such as phone cases and tote bags.

If you would like to order a commissioned artwork, you will find all the info you need to know under Commissions on the Info page.


    Would you like to order an artwork by me from your own idea to hang on your wall, then you can make me do a commissioned artwork for you!

    This is how it works:
  • Email me your idea or concept for the commissioned artwork. Helpful details are things like what subject/references, medium, size etc. Please take a look at what I’ve done before so you know it’s my alley (e.g. I don’t do tattoo commissions). I like challenges, but there’s a limit to what I feel comfortable doing.

  • When I’ve gotten a clear view of what you want, we can decide on a price. For an overview of approx. prices, see below. I base the price on material costs and time spent. Shipping is not included. If you want the artwork to be framed, that can be added.

  • I have to take 50% of the price as a non refundable deposit as security before I can start on anything. Then I will make a first draft and if you are happy with it I will continue finishing the artwork.

  • When I’m done I will show you the results. One changing round is included in the price, for more changes after that 10% of the price will be added for each additional changing round.

  • When you are happy with the results, you transfer the rest of the price, plus shipping cost. I accept Paypal or bank transfer. Then I will send you the finished artwork via mail to you.

  • For any further questions, feel free to contact me!

    Please note that commissioned work do NOT transfer copyright.

    Here are some examples of what I can do:
    (The prices may differ depending on what materials used, amount of detail and background work)

    Withered away The time we lost
    A4 paper, graphite pencils & ink pen (sketch)
    75 €

    My imaginary life Romantic Ade
    A4 paper, graphite pencils, ink pen & ink
    300 €

    Poison - Oleander Breaking free
    A3 watercolor paper & ink
    500 €



    Previous freelance work:

  • ‘Fem Grenar’, 2013
    Designed exhibition poster.

  • Kulturljuset, 2012
    Designed a text based logotype and illustrated mascots.

  • Postify, 2012
    Illustrated two postcard motives.

  • Technikult of Flesh, 2011
    Illustrated cover artwork for their album.

  • Lillith, 2010
    Illustrated a cover artwork.

  • Overhate’s album ‘Relentless is our Strength’, 2010
    Illustrated cover artwork and designed a booklet for their album.

  • Achilla, CD-cover contest, ‘Timeless’, 2010
    Illustrated cover artwork.

  • Awards & competitions

    • Received a Daily Deviation at for my artwork ‘I can not escape my winter storm’.
    • Received a Daily Deviation at for my artwork ‘Beaktande en ros’, with the motivation “Beaktande en ros by Sandra Hultsved embraces an important social problem in a well executed manner, giving attention to every detail.”.
    • ‘Among shadows’ got an award from the group Kingdom of Sweden with the motivation: “A beautiful fanart of a beautiful game: Sandra Hultsved has in her own unique way given life to the main character in Child of Light. With subtlety and fragility in medium and in hand the atmosphere and mood is built up, both from the original game and as a work of its own. The icing on the cake is the discreet, but in its surroundings, distinct dash of red color which makes it extra enchanting.”
    • Received a Daily Deviation at for my artwork ‘You are never alone’, with the motivation “Delicate and highly atmospheric drawing”.
    • Scholarship for highest diploma at Broby Grafiska – College of Cross Media.
    • Received a Daily Deviation at for my artwork ‘The bride’, with the motivation “The artist brings the viewer right into a eerie atmosphere where one can feel the vulnerability of the delicate bride.”.
    • Daily feature at for my artworks ‘Forsaken place’ & ‘The screaming girl’.
    • Featured portfolio at
    • Award from Kingdom of Sweden for my artworks ‘Amanita virosa’‘Whisper’.
    • ‘Paranoia’ won 1st place in Zindy S.D. Nielsen's ‘Red Riding Hood Contest’ & in the group JustATouchOfColor's ‘Fairytales Contest’.
    • ‘Nocturnal Deception’ won 1st place in Zindy S.D. Nielsen's ‘Vampire contest’.

  • Skills

  • Graphite pencils, ink, charcoal, oilpaint, watercolor, Photoshop, Wacom tablet, Illustrator & Indesign. Cover artwork, illustrations, portrait, design, layout, typography, photoretouch/-manipulation.

  • Compliments

  • Lasse Åberg (artist, actor, film director and musician) says:
    “Very nice illustrations. They remind me of the artist Edward Gorey”

  • Natalie Shau (World famous digital artist) says:
    “Very awesome!”

  • Lars Lerin (Scandinavia’s leading watercolorist) says:
    “Hello Sandra! It was nice seeing your art, many very nice. All luck to you in the future, warm greetings Lars”

  • Armin Mersmann (Master of hyper-realism) says:
    “Good luck to you, you do great work! Armin”